General Motors will produce the new all-electric Blazer in Coahuila

The summer of 2023 will mark a watershed in the history of General Motors (GM) in Mexico, mainly in Coahuila, since the North American automaker will produce, from that season, the new fully electric 2024 Chevrolet Blazer.

This fact complies with the route outlined by the company to start manufacturing electrical units in the entity , after announcing an investment of 1,000 million dollars in its Ramos Arizpe Complex in mid-2021 to begin this process.

Likewise, the company announced that the marketing of this new model will begin during the last quarter of 2023, so in the coming months it will release more details about its versions, prices and the exact date on which it will be introduced in the market.

“We are expanding our growing portfolio of electric vehicles of the brand, with this we allow greater accessibility so that users can acquire a unit.”

Finally, the firm highlighted the features that the vehicle will have, which will have a driving range of 480 kilometers with a full charge , advanced safety features such as automatic braking in reverse and advanced parking assistance. This model will also be available in the United States and Canada.

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