Coahuila ranks third in job recovery.

By Luis Mendez. August 2021

Thanks to the investments that have been made during the last year in the entity, Coahuila has managed to position itself as one of the three states with the highest job recovery nationwide.

With the confinement that was had to protect the health of the population, 42,000 people were left without employment due to the closure of activities of some companies; However, in June 2020 the economic reactivation began to promote employment and recover the amount lost at the beginning of the pandemic. 

According to the Mexican Institute of Social Security, in June there was growth at the state level in job creation, registering 7,543 formal jobs.

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At the national level, there were 65,936 jobs, of which 11.4% correspond to Coahuila, which was behind Nuevo León and Quintana Roo. In this way, it continues its upward trend at the beginning of the second half of 2021.

The Ministry of the Economy of Coahuila announced that in June of this year there has been the best record in the recovery of formal jobs, highlighting that it has been achieved thanks to the intense work on the part of the authorities despite the pandemic conditions.

The agency reported that it seeks to boost the competitiveness of the five regions of the state, providing the best conditions to attract national and foreign investment.

This year, 22 investment projects have been completed in the entity, which represents an amount of 3,877 million dollars; In addition, 56 are in process, representing an injection of 3.17 billion dollars and a generation of 24,000 jobs.

Source: Mexico Industry.