Investments drive job creation in Coahuila

The generation of jobs in Coahuila
 continues to increase due to the recent investments that have materialized in the last quarter of 2021 and during the first quarter of 2022.

According to figures provided by the Mexican Social Security Institute , at the end of March, 24,696 jobs were created , which places the state in fourth place at the national level in labor matters.

The Coahuila Ministry of Economy reported that since the economic reactivation began, a total of 64,566 job sources have been produced ; With this fact, the square has been placed in the first place of formal jobs in the whole country.

Likewise, he reported that, during 2021, the improvement in export items increased considerably, since Coahuila ranked second and obtained fourth place in attracting foreign direct investment.

In the same year, the entity was the one that received the largest investment in the automotive sector at the end of the fourth quarter, since 487 million dollars were captured at the national level, of which 57 million dollars were allocated to Coahuila through five Projects.

In the annual amount, 1,768 million dollars were invested in the state, which represents 41.4% of the national total.

Finally, the agency shared the distribution of jobs generated in each month of the current year, of which 10,083 were generated in January; 8,364 in February and 6,249 jobs in March.