Coahuila’s economic recovery continues

The Coahuila entity continues with its economic recovery as a result of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has led the corresponding authorities and the private sector to jointly seek a series of strategies to help improve conditions current.

In that sense, Jaime Guerra Pérez, Secretary of the Economy in Coahuila, reported on the results that were obtained during 2020 and how the situation has progressed so far this year. 

The official shared that, during 2020, the state registered more than 1,000 million dollars in foreign direct investment, which caused economic activity to have a notable recovery as of the third quarter of that same year and that, until now, it maintains a stability.

Small and medium-sized companies are a fundamental part of promoting the development of Coahuila, for this reason, Guerra Pérez affirmed that they continue to provide support to entrepreneurs to be able to strengthen the local value chain and promote cooperation among themselves to increase their competitiveness. .

“We seek to increase the participation of small and medium businesses in the region’s trade and investment flows, thus we try to encourage reincorporation to global value chains,” explained the head of the secretariat.

The Federalist Alliance is another means by which state authorities are seeking to strengthen the local economy through the Supply Chains program, which consists of looking for raw material in our country, without the need to buy it in Asia or other countries.


Jaime Guerra affirmed that the entity will continue to maintain its competitiveness in search of attracting more investments, since he shared that so far in the administration 104 projects of this nature have been completed, with a total value of 5,209 million dollars, generating a total of 43,674 jobs for the Coahuila population.

In that sense, the official said that the Southeast Region of the state is the one that receives the largest number of projects due to the number of parks that there are, but that one of the administration’s purposes is to promote economic development in all areas in accordance with the infrastructure they have.

Among the projects completed and yet to be closed, it will receive 57, of which 19 are for expansion and will generate 34,653 jobs, for an investment amount that reaches 3,531 million dollars.

On the other hand, the Laguna Region is the area that was positioned as one of the most competitive for the arrival of new manufacturing companies, since 27 installation plans are on the horizon, six of them for expansion and that will reach an amount of 1,140 million dollars to create 15,000 new jobs.

Finally, Jaime Guerra declared that Coahuila lost 42,412 jobs during the critical time of the pandemic, of which 66% have already been recovered according to data from the Mexican Institute of Social Security. Regarding growth prospects for Mexico, the International Monetary Fund predicts 4.3 percent.