Industry gets six months in reactivation.

Last November, the secondary sector of the Mexican economy extended its reactivation streak after the quarantine by Covid-April 19 and May 2020. During the eleventh month of the year, industrial activity spun six months of monthly rebounds, growing 1.1% , according to the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi).

The improvement in the indicator was underpinned by the 2.2% advance in the construction sector, which surpassed the performance of mining (+ 0.1%), manufacturing (+ 0.05%) and public services (electricity, gas and water, – 2.3 percent).

“The industry is once again showing resilience to the outbreak of Covid-19, although the effect would be offset by the new closure of activities in December in various areas of the country,” said Marcos Arias, analyst at Grupo Financiero Monex.

Source: El Economista