Why invest in Coahuila?

In order to make an intelligent investment, we must always consider the positive and negative aspects of where we are going to deposit our capital. There are prosperous and promising places for investors, and in Mexico there is a place that is synonymous with trust for it. The southeast region of Coahuila. This place has had exponential growth in the last two decades. But it is not a fortuitous event, this place has traced its path and focused its efforts to become a safe place to attract investments. Here we explain just some of the advantages of why Coahuila is the best place to invest in a company.

1.- Human factor. The strength of everything.

For the year of 2019, Coahuila was home to a population of more than 3 million inhabitants, of which more than 42% of the population is between 20 and 59 years old and represents the workforce. Furthermore, Coahuila is a young state, since 39% of the population is 19 years old or younger. These numbers guarantee that the work templates can be occupied without problems. In 2017 Coahuila registered the record of 1,307,351 people working in the industry.

2.- Schooling focused on the company and industry.

Coahuila’s educational offer oriented towards the various branches of engineering prevails in the state. According to Mexico Industrial Maps magazine, in 2018 3,252 engineering, manufacturing and construction people graduated. 2,099 administration and business.

3.- Suppliers and clients at hand.

Coahuila’s industry is vast. Going through the automotive assembly (which is the main activity), the companies that are dedicated to manufacturing their parts (interiors, metal parts and engine parts), mining, pharmaceutical, steel and metal casting, food sector. This represents an opportunity to provide these companies or, on the contrary, the guarantee that the supplies cover a short distance, which makes prices more accessible and shortens delivery times

4.- Logistics services.

The southeast of Coahuila is one of the most important strategic regions of the country. Its highways connect with all of Mexico and its ports as well as the main highways of the United States. In addition to this, the municipalities of Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe have the international airport and because of its proximity, with the international airport of the city of Monterrey, so there is direct access to Mexico City, the state of Texas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles among others. Finally, bulky and heavy supplies can be transported without problems by the rail system that also goes through the entire state of Coahuila to all of Mexico, the United States and its main ports that send and receive products to Europe and Asia.

5.- Competitiveness in administration, logistics and transport companies.

Coahuila is a prosperous and fruitful region for business growth, which has allowed large companies to be born in this state or to settle here. Many of these companies offer recruitment, selection, administration, logistics, transportation and waste management services. This ensures the operations of the industry, its supply of both raw materials and personnel at competitive prices.

6.- Closeness to the United States of America.

Mexico has the title of being the most important commercial partner of the United States of America and Coahuila has a very advantageous geographical position, since our state has 4 border bridges in a very short distance, in addition to our proximity to the city of Nuevo Laredo ensures that you can reach that country in around 4 hours by land.